Italian passion for pearls and diamonds

MIMÌ Broggian Milano stems from a family’s true Italian passion for pearls and diamonds. A family with a flair for embodying the Milan’s spirit of fashion and design.

Long sautoirs, oversized rings and surprising interplays of colour. Diverse shades of gold, the finest quality pearls and gemstones, and innovative sizes and designs form refined creations. Sophisticated allure makes every collection unique as the vibrancy of colourful gemstones and pure brilliance of diamonds heighten the sensuality of pearls in subtle natural hues.

An unrelenting quest for innovative yet easy-to-wear and classic designs imbued by that exclusively Italian exquisite touch of refinement. Over fifty years of experience in style, creativity, traditional craftsmanship and gemstones’ selection to make every piece of jewellery utterly beautiful. MIMÌ Broggian Milano epitomizes an exquisitely Italian identity. Absolute beauty to treasure and share.

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